Tue. Oct.03 2006 Texas It is 12:36pm Texas time. This morning before 10:30 am, I ate 2pieces of bread, a chicken leg + meat, a banana, an ice cream bar and a cup of hot chocolat 房屋出租e, I feel I ate too much, why did I eat that much? I think if I want to eat that much, I 酒店兼職 should do more labor works, but for some invisible blocks, I just could not move out of door to work, I don 酒店兼職9;t know what is it, may be I need try to figure it out. I went to get a nap, woke up staying thinking on the bed, I figure out how c 借貸ome I don't like to move out of door to do the chore, because it is the woman's natural good sense to like to stay in door like the old time, woman us 小額信貸ed to stay home and waiting for their dad or husband or big brother back home to have fun or have meal together. Therefore, I think parents should raise kids under good natur 房地產al environment like my parents had done to me, so that when the kids growing up they will eventually respect the natural good sense, girl will naturally willing to stay home like her woman's natural role seo. It is 21:28 Texas time. I ate 2pieces of bread, one big piece of chicken, a dish of fry lettuce,  a can of green tea and 2 small ice cream bars. I feel funny that because I tend to record the food eaten making 買屋me thinking about the writing more than eatself when I having the meal.I don't like meat that much like I used to when I was younger, I ate the meat simply because it was there kind like a responsibility to finish it to avoid thro 開幕活動wing into trash, why? why rather filling into stomach than add more trash?  I guess may be shit is more friendly to earth than trash.  .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 小額信貸  .
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